Cloud Shadows

These are my feet. This is my view. These are my thoughts…

The breeze driven clouds above are creating dark shadows on the glistening water below. The cloud shadows make it appear as if the water is deeper in parts than it actually is, and those inviting depths keep changing and moving.

Cloud shadows…just like things in life that are shifting deceptions of happiness.

The bigger house. The better job. The latest gadget. The new this, the new that, whatever “that” may be for me or for you. We chase the shadow and we’re satisfied briefly. Happy. Contented. Till we convince ourselves we need the next thing. Cloud shadows…fleeting happiness.

How do we forgo chasing cloud shadows?


Moving shadows can’t distract us when we’re soul still.

Looking up. There is so much glory all around.

Let our soul stop, and still, and look up.

I know… it’s much easier for me to write this and think this while I’m relaxing on a verandah in far north tropical Queensland than it is actually remembering and doing stopping, stilling, and looking up amidst the hustle and bustle of the every day ordinary back at home.

So I write to help my spiritual amnesia…

Lord you are so good and You are the only “more” we ever need. When we have You we actually have everything. Help me, help us, not be distracted by fleeting shadows.

22 thoughts on “Cloud Shadows

  1. Jo, I love this post. I love times like you’re having in this photo, where the world seems distant and God’s presence is so close. when “There is so much glory all around.” And I can so relate to your words: “So I write to help my spiritual amnesia” I think God designed you and me for such activity, to help us remember what’s really important. Praying God’s blessing on you today.

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    1. Thanks so much for your kind words Benita! Maybe it’s a common thing among writers … writing is simply the way which helps us process and remember, whereas other people might use photography, or drawing, or music, or craft in their quiet moments? Bless you today.

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