An Aussie Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is not officially celebrated here in Australia. So it has been refreshing reading blogs of my WordPress friends where Thanksgiving is the focus and it is celebrated with a public holiday!

I thought it would be fun to join in on the theme and share an excerpt from my gratitude journal. Each day I try to remember to write down a few simple things…as you can see.

This has been an on again off again practice for many years, and I admit the journal got lost for a few years before making its reappearance during last year’s challenges.

I encourage you…if you don’t already do this, make it a practice! Even the brain science backs up why being grateful is so important! But more importantly, Scripture tells us to give thanks…always!

Blessings my friends! πŸ™‚

25 thoughts on “An Aussie Thanksgiving

  1. I enjoyed reading your gratitude list, Jo. I’ve heard of gratitude journaling, but don’t like the sight of my own handwriting.😬 A list is much more doable.
    Here goes: 1. Nancy, my wife of twenty years. 2. My three grown sons who are at various stages of β€œadulting.” 3. Cooper, my schnauzer: truly man’s best friend.

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  2. If listing helps, then go for it. For me it ends up just something else on my to-do list. Instead, I pray and ask God to help me to have a grateful heart, because selfishness runs deep and comes so naturally to us all. I am humbled to remember that Jesus gave thanks for the bread at the Last Supper. Now that is the grateful heart that I need to have! Have a blessed day my down-under friend!

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  3. Good post, Jo. A list is a useful thing, and as I can tell by the numbers, you’ve found many, many things to be thankful for, which translate into reasons to smile. My children’s book, “Grumpy to Grateful,” is finally on its way to publication. In the note to parents I suggest a list, too, except doing it with your child, posting it in a prominent place (on the fridge?) and adding to it each day. πŸ™‚

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    1. Sounds like a wonderful book Annie! And yes, I’m over 1000 on my list now. Its been an on again off again practice for many years, but I am much more consistent since having cancer last year I suddenly have a lot more awareness if how much I can be thankful for.

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      1. My list has been known to contain thanks for things I did NOT have, including cancer. Once in the throes of stomach flu, I was having a hard time thinking of something to be thankful for. Then it hit me – I should thank God that I didn’t feel that way ALL THE TIME. πŸ˜‰

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