Thanks for reading! I’m Jo, an Aussie Jesus follower who appreciates a good oxymoron. To me “Quietly Roaring” is a description of God who quietly roars through the still small voice of His Holy Spirit, His Word, His creation, and the ordinary everyday stuff of life.

I post a short blog every few weeks, sometimes more, sometimes less. That’s because I only ever write about something God is speaking to me personally about, and I often need time to chew it over for myself first!

Comments are more than welcome because to me that’s why I’m here on WordPress…to connect through a shared love of writing, so please don’t be shy! I look forward to checking out your blog too. Or simply hit like to let me know you were here.

Jo- The Quiet Roarer (an oxymoron of my personality…I am a naturally quiet person, but I am certainly not shy, and I enjoy a good one to one conversation!)