Cloud Shadows

These are my feet. This is my view. These are my thoughts…

The breeze driven clouds above are creating dark shadows on the glistening water below. The cloud shadows make it appear as if the water is deeper in parts than it actually is, and those inviting depths keep changing and moving.

Cloud shadows…just like things in life that are shifting deceptions of happiness.

The bigger house. The better job. The latest gadget. The new this, the new that, whatever “that” may be for me or for you. We chase the shadow and we’re satisfied briefly. Happy. Contented. Till we convince ourselves we need the next thing. Cloud shadows…fleeting happiness.

How do we forgo chasing cloud shadows?


Moving shadows can’t distract us when we’re soul still.

Looking up. There is so much glory all around.

Let our soul stop, and still, and look up.

I know… it’s much easier for me to write this and think this while I’m relaxing on a verandah in far north tropical Queensland than it is actually remembering and doing stopping, stilling, and looking up amidst the hustle and bustle of the every day ordinary back at home.

So I write to help my spiritual amnesia…

Lord you are so good and You are the only “more” we ever need. When we have You we actually have everything. Help me, help us, not be distracted by fleeting shadows.

22 thoughts on “Cloud Shadows

  1. There are some deep and powerful truths in your post, Jo. Clouds are drifting deceptions of happiness. The way to truly hear God is to be “soul still.”
    You are more than on to something here, sister, and only the Holy Spirit—through your life experiences—could have written this post!

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    1. I think I’ve heard the phrase soul still somewhere before, but it’s certainly a truth I know I need to constantly remind myself of. I’ve been thinking a lot about what true happiness is…maybe there’s more to come on that. Thanks for your encouraging words David. 🙂

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  2. I’ve been thinking a lot about “spiritual amnesia” I think my journals help me when I take the time to browse through them (about 2x a year). Too bad it comes upon us but when we are fast paced it really doesn’t need to be subtle at all.

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  3. We truly live in a world that encourages us to chase clouds and not the cloud Maker. I love your conclusion to this post “I write to help my spiritual amnesia…” This is true for me as well. May your travels continue to hold many blessings such as this Jo.

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  4. I really appreciate this post! Too often I feel we chase after anything that we think will fill us. But it’s all temporary. I pray we can learn to allow Jesus to quench our thirst, as only He can. Thank you for this post! 🦋

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    1. That’s a very apt phrase you’ve used. The “siren song of selfish ambition” sure does ring loud and clear, whereas I think God speaks loudest in stillness. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, I always appreciate your wisdom and insight Craig! God bless!

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