When Floods Come

A huge and slow moving weather system recently parked itself on top of south-east Queensland and dumped 80% of our annual rainfall over 2- 3 days. It has now gone south and is doing just as much damage in coastal New South Wales.

As the flood waters surged in the Brisbane River concrete pontoons weighing hundreds of tonnes broke apart dragging with them boats and yachts dislodged from their moorings. The amount of debri in the river is incredible! Thirty Brisbane suburbs received over one metre of rain in less than a day! Thousands of homes are inundated and it has been devastating for so many people.

We had an inundated back yard but that is all.


My heart goes out to the people severely affected, including my cousin in NSW who escaped in a boat off their second storey roof with their pets and only essential items.

In true community spirit support is being raised and organisations and churches from all over are recruiting “Mud Army” teams and care packages. Help is on the way!

As I see the images of destruction it reminds me of the words in Isaiah 59:19

“…when the enemy comes in like a flood…”

All sorts of catastrophes are flooding our world. We need only look at what is happening in the Ukraine. Evil seems to be inundating…the level and intensity is rising quickly!


“when the enemy comes in like a flood the Spirit of the Lord shall lift up a standard against him.”

It is not government or a political leader who will rise against the enemy, it is the Lord!

Evil wants to flood our world and drown as many as it can in sin and despair and hopelessness.

If you don’t yet know Jesus, He is hope and truth and goodness and mercy, and He wants to reach into your deep waters today and save you. Don’t wait until you’re drowning!

Will you let Him? He is just a prayer away.

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10 thoughts on “When Floods Come

  1. What a wonderful rally cry Jo! Don’t give in to the flood of despair and hopelessness but stand firm on the rock of God’s promises- “When the enemy comes in like a flood, The Spirit of the LORD will lift up a standard against him.” Also, thank you for bringing to my attention the tragic flooding that is taking place in Australia so that I can be praying!

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    1. Hi Beth thanks for stopping by and thanks for your prayers! The rains have stopped and the cleanup has begun. Our church has a mud army team going out on Sunday, and dozens of care packages. It truly is amazing seeing the churches all over the city doing exactly the same thing.


  2. AMEN, Jo! I asked Jesus into my life when I was just four years old. Now I’m a retiree! We’ve certainly faced challenges and uncomfortable surprises, but God has been faithful, and empowering, comforting and encouraging, helpful and GOOD through it all. I can’t imagine trying to navigate life without him!

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