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This little ol’ blogger just hasn’t been in the mood to blog, or had the mental energy to write creatively lately. Yet here I am. Drawn to tap out my thoughts and discover what this post evolves into. Isn’t that what writers do?

To be honest, I have felt a little lost in blog world lately.

When I write, it’s eclectic according to no schedule, format, or niche topic. I continue to be amazed when people actually read what I have to say! I follow some wonderful blogs (if you’re reading this, chances are you’re one of them). I have caught myself wondering…what have I got to contribute? Is it time to recalibrate Quietly Roaring?

To recalibrate means “to re-examine (one’s thinking, a plan, a system of values, etc.) and correct it in accord with a new understanding or purpose.”

Do I have a new understanding or purpose?

When you’re feeling lost, the best way out is to return to where you started and why you started the journey.

2021. The year my world was rocked by the discovery of a breast lump and subsequent large invasive tumour that had to be removed along with my breast. During the long months of chemotherapy that followed, co-vid was rampant, vaccinations were new, and low immunity kept me confined at home. Quietly Roaring was born. It gave me a way to reach beyond my four walls, and to my surprise, people connected with my writing.

2022. The year of recovering, getting used to a new normal, and regrowing my hair! I took a year’s long service leave from work. I took up studying for my Masters. Quietly Roaring continued, albeit with a natural shift from writing about faith during cancer to simply writing about faith and life.

2023. New joys. New job. New challenges. Continuing to follow the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Quietly Roaring is still here, but where to from here?

To recalibrate or not? Create a new look site? Find a niche? Create a catchy format? Start scheduling my writing?

I follow inspiring, excellent writers who do these things, and it is wonderful knowing what to expect and when! Others just write occasionally, so when I see a post from them, I am eager to read what led them to share.

When I go back to why I am in blog world, it started because I simply needed to write to encourage myself during a time when my faith was being severely tested, which at the Holy Spirit’s prompting, led to writing to encourage others.

Rather than feeling lost in blog world, perhaps the eclectic, no formula, no schedule, no niche topic kinda thing IS my style, and that’s okay.

I’ll do me. πŸ™‚

And you do you. πŸ™‚

Together our individual writing styles are exactly what makes the WordPress community a wonderful world to explore.

That’s my encouragement to all my fellow writers today. May AI never replace the authenticity of what we have to share!

Blessings to you,

Jo πŸ™‚

Β©2023. Quietly Roaring. All Rights Reserved.

29 thoughts on “Blog World Thoughts

  1. I have not gotton past just sharing when I can, if I think it’s possibly worthwhile for someone. We probably all have our own rhythm, recognized or not.
    You do connect with your readers. That’s a big deal.

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  2. What a lovely upbeat post Jo with an encouraging ending. May you keep quietly roaring in your own way, I find your writing honest and uplifting. Your story is yours, but God can use it to bless others that you may not know – I find that part of Christian blogging exciting. God guide and bless you each day sister. πŸ™

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  3. Jo, I always enjoy reading what you write and am either encouraged or take something away from it. You do what you feel led to and I am sure it will be just right. May God bless you, lead you and continue to use your writing to encourage and uplift others.

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  4. Jo, you’ve landed on the perfect formula – “I’ll do me and you do you.” And, the beautiful part of that formula is that it allows the Holy Spirit to work in each of us and minister through us yet keeping us tied together by the common thread of Jesus Christ. I will be eager to read where the Lord directs you to be “Quietly Roaring.”

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  5. Funmi

    Thank you Jo for sharing. I like that you included the beginning stages of the blog. I didn’t know about that. Glad to know that you’re so much better.

    Cheers to you doing you and me doing me 😁

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  6. Your words resonated with me, Jo. I struggle with time to write, with how to organize my jumbled thoughts, or with thinking that maybe I should try this or try that. But I love what you said – you do you and I’ll do me. We are each unique. You bring so much to us in your writing that I can’t bring, so keep on doing what God leads you to do. You have had experiences that I haven’t had so you can encourage and educate in ways I can’t. You’re a blessing!

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  7. Jo, your words resound with me completely. I’ll never be a scheduled blogger. The last few months I haven’t been prompted by the Holy Spirit often to blog. Your style is my style, too. And I ALWAYS love your writing. So relatable and inspiring. I admire those scheduled bloggers, but I’ll never be one. πŸ™‚

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