Saying No to Say Yes (Bible Ponderings #8)

“I should finish the chronological bible reading plan for this year. After all, I should not leave something half done that I’ve started.”

What are your current “I shoulds?”

If you’re like me, I then tend to have a little argument in my head where I ask myself…do I have to? (insert slightly whiny tone).

The answer in this particular instance is no. No, I do not have to.

When we say “yes” to something, we are in effect saying “no” to something else. Conversely, if we say “no” to something, we are saying “yes” to something else. It all comes down to priorities. So sometimes we need to say “no” in order to say “yes”!

Reading the Bible chronologically in a year is a wonderful discipline, and I have done it before. So please don’t misunderstand me!

As this year has progressed, I started a new journalling format. Like many of us on WordPress, writing is how I process my thoughts, and when I’m talking to God, it’s no different. I read Scriptures. Then I write in my journal how they apply to me and my prayer. For months now the Holy Spirit has been keeping me in the Gospels and the Psalms for my daily reading and therefore as a result, I’ve lagged further and further behind in keeping up with my self-imposed “should” of chronological reading.

What to do? When we find ourselves in this kind of scenario it is always wise to consider what our priorities are. Journalling is my priority because it is one of the ways I maintain my relationship with God. So I am saying “yes” to my journalling, and “no” to finishing the chronological reading plan. For now, I am saying no in order to say yes.

Is there anything in your life right now where you need to say no in order to say yes? Like me, it might even appear to be something spiritual, or it may be something more practical, but is it truly the priority God wants you to have right now?

Something to ponder!

Jo 🙂

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30 thoughts on “Saying No to Say Yes (Bible Ponderings #8)

  1. I have contemplated the various responses (comments) to the Chronological Bible Reading Plan. You probably know that I am a big fan of it. But I’m reminded that everyone isn’t retired like I am. Many of our readers are in the middle of a busy life, raising children, homeschooling, and running their households, and more. Your point is excellent: Saying yes is saying no to something else. The important thing is to be in the Word! Blessings, Jo!

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  2. This is wisdom! I was one who rarely if ever said “No” outright. If saying “yes” to one thing is saying “No’ to something else, I was saying “No” to adequate sleep. After a while I would (predictably) get burned out (sick) and have to say “No” to everything for a while. Some lessons I’ve had to learn the hard way. :/

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    1. Hi Annie yes I have had a similar experience of saying no to sleep and learned the hard way! Thanks for commenting because it has reminded me to read this old post and “listen to myself” again…as I’m currently saying yes to some things that are of lesser priority!


      1. Yes, we do need to go back and relearn from ourselves, don’t we? It’s easier to write wisdom than live it.
        I once wrote myself a note after the fourth consecutive Christmas of burnout and clipped it to the November page of my new calendar, telling myself to be smarter next time! After being sick for Christmas four years in a row, I finally prioritized and was able to enjoy the holidays with my family.

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