Searching for Grace

Have you ever lost something and were desperate to find it? Three decades ago I had a dream in which I was searching for a child called Grace. I had to find Grace. The dream impacted me greatly at the time, and I woke from it knowing that if I ever had a daughter, she would be named Grace.

Fast forward to just a few weeks ago on our Grace’s wedding day. Grace has one of the most compassionate and kindest hearts of anyone I know. She is certainly not perfect, but her name does reflect her character. As she stood there looking so radiantly happy and beautiful, I was suddenly overcome as I realised that for the past twenty-three years God has gifted me with a living, breathing reminder of how His grace has always been at work in my life.

The truth is, everyone is searching for grace. But many are unaware of the burden of their sin and are searching for relief in the wrong places.

Before accepting Christ, we all carry the burden of sin and shame, and we need God’s grace.

Grace is not lost. We are!

God is constantly searching, watching, waiting for, and going after the lost. He leaves the ninety-nine who are safe to go after the one who is lost. His very nature is to find and restore. His grace is constantly available. But the only way we can experience God’s grace in our life is by appropriating through faith, what His grace has provided. And what has He provided? His Son- Jesus, who paid the price for our sins, and through whom we can enter into a restored relationship with God.

When I had that dream, I was a relatively new Christian. I had been found. But I was still learning what it meant to abide in Christ, to live in His grace, day in and day out. I am still learning. Oswald Chambers writes that the grace of God begins when we are drawn to God by a work of His supernatural grace, and we can never quite trace back to find where the work began. Even now three decades later, the grace of God is woven through my life in inextricable ways that I don’t fully comprehend. All is grace, time after time, after time, after time.

Are you searching for grace in your life? Then let yourself be found in Jesus.

Jo 🙂

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31 thoughts on “Searching for Grace

  1. What a lovely story and post!

    When I look back on my life, I can clearly see, at what points I have been kept safe from harm, even in the near past. Deservedly or not, I have been kept from the worst all my life in situations that could have gone terribly wrong. So yes, God’s grace is permanently present, and I am deeply greatful for all the protection I have experienced. That does not mean, of course, that I have never suffered.

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