Influencers (Bible Ponderings #7)

Welcome to “Bible Ponderings #7” which finds me in the midst of the major prophets in the chronological reading plan. Every few weeks I hope to toss out there what I’m currently reading and invite you to ponder with me!

After the reign of King David’s son Solomon, the nation of Israel splits into the ten tribes of Israel, and the two tribes of Judah and Benjamin. As each of the two kingdoms strays from God’s laws in varying degrees and at varying times, God sends prophets to warn Israel and Judah to get back on track or else they will suffer His righteous judgment. Due to the hard hearts of His people, the prophets have little success in steering God’s people back to the way they should go.

Trace Israel’s lineage and it is evil king after evil king after evil king. The prophets don’t have much success there.

But trace Judah’s lineage and there is a mixture of good and evil kings. How can one king have a “good” king as father and yet turn out evil, while another has an evil king as a father yet turn out “good”?

In some instances, there is no prophet around, and yet there suddenly appears a “good” king in Judah’s lineage who seeks to follow God’s laws. King Asa and King Joash are just two examples. What makes the difference?

When you dig into the Old Testament books of 1&2 Kings, there seems to be a common element to a king turning out “good.” And the reason is found a lot closer to home than having a prophet come to pay a visit!

The common element for those “good” kings was that they had someone in their world who was a godly influence.

In the same way, we need to look around and ask who is the young person in our world that we can influence toward knowing God?  Are they our neighbor’s child, a niece or nephew, a young person at church, or our own child or grandchild? Ask any young person what an influencer is and they’ll likely quote a few names you’ve never heard of from their Instagram or Twitter accounts. So I looked up the definition and according to Google an influencer is “a person with the ability to influence potential buyers of a product or service by promoting or recommending the items on social media.

I’d like to play with that definition and submit that a godly influencer is a Christian with the ability to influence potential Christ followers of the reality of God’s kingdom by acting justly, loving purposefully, and walking humbly. In other words, showing them Jesus- without hypocrisy or legalism.

Which now begs the question…how are we doing when it comes to being a godly influence to the next generation?

Are we leaving it up to the church, the youth group, the school, the sporting club, or the influencers of social media?

If we have a young person in our world then we have the wonderful privilege and responsibility of letting them see the reality of Christ in us.

Something to ponder!

Jo 🙂

p.s did you have a godly influence in your life as a young person? I look forward to hearing your comments.

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28 thoughts on “Influencers (Bible Ponderings #7)

  1. Billy Bunting

    Thanks for writing this thoughtful blog Jo. So true. A Godly influence in my life when I was younger (apart from my mother) was a music teacher who invested time in discipling and modelling what it meant to follow Jesus. I’m glad he did.

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  2. I had several influencers in my life growing up. My parents were influencers way beyond our family. Even in rebellion I watched so many kids who wanted parents like mine. How does one’s rebellion last over that? I also had a couple of young adults who were crazy risk takers, nature lovers and loved to take kids camping. I still emulate them even though they were in my life for a short time.

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    1. Gary that’s interesting that you still rebelled despite your parents positive influence. I was a secretive rebeller during my teenage years and often wonder if I wouldn’t have rebelled if my folks had been more intentional about instilling values in me, even though they weren’t practicing Christians. Personality type combined with environment perhaps influences the outcomes too.
      I really enjoyed reading about your adventures in your latest post and I can see how much those young adults influenced who you are today…not to mention the great parents you had! Your stories point to God and always have a remarkable influence on your readers!

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  3. I have found that those seeds planted by ‘ godly or even so call good influencers’ will always find a way to lead us back home. Back to that place God carved out for us…even the rebellious. The twist in the plot is this thing we call ‘choice’. Sadly, some never made it back home…

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    1. Hi Marcia, yes so true! Choice is always the determining factor. “Choose this day whom you will serve…” Behind the scenes God in His grace is watering those seeds of godly influence and desiring us to choose Him! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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  4. I love this post Jo and your definition of a Godly influencer! My parents were and remain my greatest Godly influencers. Over the years the Lord would bring into my life other men and women who would have a Godly influence on me for a season from the most unexpected places like my college tennis coach.

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  5. Love your definition of a Godly influencer. When I was young, my mother played a huge role. As I went independent I found lot of value in taking inspiration from women at church who were much older than me and have walked with the Lord for a long time and had a lot of wisdom to share. At the moment being a mum to a 17yr old, I am trying my best to be godly influence.

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  6. This is a great post, Jo. Yes, both of my grandmothers loved the Lord and they influenced me a lot! They took me to church as a small child (my parents did not attend church). I gave my life to Jesus at age 6 while living with my grandmother. I thank God for their godly influence on my life. Never underestimate a grandmother’s prayers for her grandchildren. Blessings, Jo!

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    1. That’s a beautiful testimony Cindy! Praise God for their wonderful influence. I’m reminded of how the apostle Paul mentions Timonthy’s grandmother so you’re absolutely right, a grandmother’s prayers are very powerful. Thankyou for sharing your story.

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      1. I have a keepsake from each one of my grandmothers. One is a decorative plate with the Lord’s Prayer on it. The other is a small porcelain planter with the Lord’s Prayer on it. They are probably over 100 years old. They are on display in my kitchen so I can see them every day.

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  7. The Godly influences in my life were anemic, but there. My mom and my sister. I think my grandmother’s prayers were integral even though she passed away when I was an infant. From what I have heard of her she was much loved and very sincere in her walk with Jesus. And….. This Grandma Benita is so grateful that tomorrow my 11 year old grandson will be baptized! He shared this news with us earlier this week, including his testimony. Thanks for your post, Jo. My daily reading has included David and Solomon in both Chronicles and Ecclesiastes. Your bring me insight and I enjoyed reading. Blessings to you today!

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    1. Benita I’m sure the prayers of your grandmother were indeed an influence on your own walk with the Lord, and now that legacy continues as you have the wonderful blessing to see your grandson be baptized! Enjoy a wonderful service and many blessings to you and your family on such a memorable day.

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