I Must Change the Calendar

“I’m a great-great grandmother!”

They were the words of my 99 year old grandmother when I called her with the news that our little granddaughter Eden had been born.

Nan is my hero.

She’s seen both world wars, survived the Great Depression, and raised her four children as a widow. She farewelled her boy to Vietnam. She’s raised other people’s children when they couldn’t do it themselves. She’s never learned to drive. She’s walked everywhere including to work to help sustain her family. She’s volunteered. She’s never travelled. Shes been content with the simple things of life.

Although very frail Nan “still has all her marbles”, as she would say! She has survived cancer twice. Once when she was 90, and again when she was 93! She’s the most resilient person I know. Oh, and did I mention she still lives independently?

My whole life I’ve never heard her complain about anything or anyone.

Back to the phone call. Nan asked what time Eden had been born, and when I told her, she realised that due to the time difference she’d actually put Eden’s birthday on the incorrect day.

So Nan says “I must change the calendar”.

It wasn’t till after we said goodbye that I realised what that statement actually signified.

At almost 100 my Nan is still living in expectant hope for tomorrow.

Her hero status in my eyes just went up another notch. πŸ™‚

22 thoughts on “I Must Change the Calendar

  1. Anonymous

    Firstly .. what a wonderful Grandmother you will be to precious Eden! Congratulations!
    Secondly .. your Nan is amazing … but she has also passed those genes down.. You are one of the strongest people I know! Quietly roaring sums you up so well!
    When I grow up I want to be like Nan and you xxx

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  2. Thank you for honoring your grandmother here. This brief summary of her life really humbles me. She deserves to be celebrated as a model of service, love, and perseverance.
    Bravo ‘Nan’, a true heroine!

    Liked by 1 person

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