The Magpie, a Cup of Tea, and a Bible

Magpies are inquisitive and unafraid. Charismatic carollers whose wonderful warbles make them one of my favourite birds.

Magpies love a tasty morsel of meat. But I didn’t have any to offer this fellow who’d landed on my camping table. But he hung around anyway. 🙂

“Hello there magpie, what are you up to?” (yes, I talk to animals. So far they haven’t talked back 😉)

The absurdity…here I was talking to a bird when to my shame I’d failed to even say “Good morning” to God. 

Until this magpie arrived I had been reading my Bible and enjoying a cup of tea. Sounds so spiritual, right? But my mind had been wandering from the moment I woke up. Here I was trying to catch up on my Bible reading but I wasn’t catching up with Him.

Convicted, I thanked God for the magpie and closed my bible to say “Good morning Lord”, and start the morning afresh.

I believe God sends little interruptions like this.

How about you?

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22 thoughts on “The Magpie, a Cup of Tea, and a Bible

  1. I agree, Jo. God does use animals to get our attention. And I talk to them too! I’ve heard Magpie’s are smart. Maybe your new feathered friend understood a word or two. He/she certainly looks like he’s expecting something!

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  2. Jo, I appreciate your experience. I have mornings (actually whole days) where my mind wanders. My thoughts zig-zag all over the place. This post excited me because I had several young magpies in my yard this morning. I had no idea what they were and your post has a beautiful photo of one. I read the first line of your post and googled to see if they’re species of them in the Central US––yep they’re here. I don’t recall ever seeing them before today. This granny learned something new today. Jehovah bless you.

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  3. I believe (with my Celtic heritage) that God often communes with us through creation, particularly birds. Incidentally myths about magpies are mostly negative, often coming out of Christendom. I have had many beautiful moments over the years with wild deer in the Woodlands, often as I am walking and praying – God is good! He certainly does use many ways to get our attention sister.

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    1. Hi Alan, I don’t know of any myths about magpies, good or bad. They’re simply a very common bird here! God definitely communes with us through His creation (and through His creatures…in your case through encounters with wild deer…now that would be amazing!) Have a wonderful day Alan. 🙂

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  4. Wow Jo. What you shared here really spoke to me. Catching up on Bible reading but are we catching up with God- that blew my mind a little. Guilty of doing that and so this a wonderful reminder to be mindful of that.

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  5. I can relate. I’m doing the Bible in One Year plan that’s on the You Version app. It’s tempting for me to treat it as an “assignment” instead of the amazing privilege of spending time with the Creator of the universe and hearing Him speak to me through His Word. And I get distracted by the hummingbirds outside my window often. Like you say though, it’s more important to catch up with God and spend quality time with Him. In whatever way he wants to communicate. Perhaps through magpies and hummingbirds. ? 🙏♥️

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