The View Out the Window

Clouds are one of my favourite things. I like them so much that for a while I was a member of the Cloud Appreciation Society Facebook page. Yes, there is such a thing! But because there are so many awesomely beautiful clouds in the world, I soon tired of having my Facebook feed over run by notifications. Besides, as beautiful as those photos were, I decided actually seeing clouds for myself was way better…as long as I was remembering to look up!

How long since you looked up?

The beauty that God paints in the sky each and every day is breathtaking. Creation is full of His creativity!

Glorious sunrises that announce His mercies are new every morning. The brilliance of sunsets that remind us of His faithfulness. And the glory of the starry hosts which proclaim His handiwork night after night after night.

This photo is the view from my hospital window. I didn’t expect to be here this weekend. But spiking a temperature isn’t good while one is on chemo apparently.

We don’t always get to choose our view.

But no matter what your view is right now, remember there is still beauty in the world!

Look and you will find it.


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